Amanda O’Hora

SVP, Reimbursement & Market Access

Amanda O’Hora, is Senior Vice President of Reimbursement & Market Access at Magnolia Market Access. She has more than 24 years’ experience conceptualizing and implementing a broad range of commercialization activities for manufacturers of drugs, biologicals, cell and gene therapies, devices, diagnostics, and digital therapeutics. In addition to life science manufacturers, she also supports trade associations, health plans, and health systems.

Her areas of expertise include reimbursement (coding, coverage, and payment), manufacturer patient support services, health policy, and market access for payers, providers and patients. She is adept at integrating data analytics, market insights, and personal experience into developing strategies, putting them into action and enhancing them in response to market changes. She is a nationally recognized speaker on reimbursement, patient support services and market access, having presented at numerous conferences, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), state Medicaid offices, health systems, national sales meetings, and other events.

Prior to joining Magnolia, Amanda consulted for more than 20 years with life sciences companies on market access, reimbursement, health policy, and patient support services engagements. She also advised manufacturers on the design and development of their patient support services programs and managed the day-to-day operations of multiple outsourced patient services programs.

Amanda received her Bachelor of Arts in history from the Florida State University.