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Specializing in market access and HEOR strategies.

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Magnolia Market Access delivers tailored healthcare product access solutions through multiple service streams to our clients. Our expertise in navigating the complex healthcare landscape ensures your pharmaceutical and healthcare products receive the dedicated, personalized attention needed to thrive in competitive markets.

We are a boutique practice but are part of the broader Medical Knowledge Group family of companies. Our size allows us to offer tailored market access solutions while also tapping into a virtually unlimited range of resources. From leveraging advanced AI technology and comprehensive market research to employing cutting-edge medical communications strategies, we are uniquely positioned to enhance your product’s journey from development to market.

We See The Whole System

We understand the interconnections across the whole health care continuum and are dedicated to delivering seamless market access solutions from clinical development through market launch and beyond.

Policy & Access

Comprehensive Policy
& Reimbursement Support

Your product’s access to federally and commercially insured patients depends on decisions made in the ever-evolving health policy arena. We provide comprehensive regulation policy and reimbursement support, with the ultimate goal of ensuring treatment access for all patients everywhere.

Health Policy

Clients rely on our help to support and influence federal and state legislation and regulations with data-driven policy analysis and budget scoring to secure patient access to care.


We provide clients comprehensive strategic and tactical services to maximize access through analyzing the reimbursement landscape, writing coding applications, developing educational field materials, and more.

Patient Support

Clients come to us to help build and implement strong patient support strategies, including program design, demand forecasting, field and hub training, and developing patient educational materials.

Pricing & Value

Your company may have the most innovative product on the market – but you will still face the ultimate gatekeeper to patient access: the payer. It is of paramount importance for your business to navigate payer contracting and healthcare contract management to establish an appropriate price and contracting strategy, and to develop the tools your payer account teams need to drive coverage.

Pricing & Contracting

  • Pricing Models
  • Fair-Market Value Assessments
  • Rebate and Contract Strategy
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Gross-To-Net Modeling

Payer Strategy

  • Payer market research
  • Advisory boards
  • Payer segmentation
  • Influencer mapping
  • Compendia strategy

Payer Tools

  • AMCP and global value dossiers
  • Payer value propositions
  • Payer marketing tools
  • Payer account team training
RWE & Heor

Real World Evidence & Health Economics and Outcomes Research

At Magnolia Market Access, we appreciate the value of robust data and real-world evidence. From using our in-house Data Atlas, to arranging third-party data use agreements, we help our clients best leverage their data investments during product development and beyond.

Health Economics & Outcomes Research (HEOR)

In HEOR, we go deep into study design, analysis, and interpretation of real world data to meet our clients’ research and business objectives.

Real-World Evidence (RWE)

Our expertise in RWE uncovers unmet needs, health disparities, current treatment patterns, health care resource use, cost, and outcomes.

& Market Analytics

At Magnolia Market Access, we specialize in providing comprehensive commercialization strategies, tactics, and services.

Additionally, our in-house Data Atlas, which includes Medicare claims, all-payer open claims, privately insured closed claims, electronic health records (EHR), and unique data on patient social determinants of health (SDOH), can be a solution for your data needs.

  • Pipeline Development Strategy & Analysis
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging & Design
  • Regulatory Strategy & FDA Consulting
  • Distribution Strategy & Planning
  • Competitive Landscape Assessments
  • Payer Mix and Site of Care Analyses
  • Patient Clinical and Financial Journey Assessments
  • Market Geo-mapping
Data Warehouse Information

We know data.

We also know that data are a huge investment for our clients. For those who have not purchased data, our Magnolia Data Atlas may be a great solution for your needs. We also have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Data) policy for customers who have already purchased data assets and seamlessly arrange third-party licensing agreements for access.

Electronic Health Records

Total Patients

Full Claims History

Closed Claims

Total Patients

Full Claims History

Open Claims

Total Patients

Billing & Remittance

Social Determinants of Health

Adult Patients

Race, SES, Consumer Habits, Home Life

Medicare Claims

5% Sample
100% of Beneficiaries

Medicare Fee-For-Service