Healthcare Policy & Access

Crafting actionable strategies to navigate the complexities of policy changes, optimize reimbursement processes, and ensure prepared stakeholder engagement

It’s all connected. and it
all starts with policy.

Our clients are biopharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, trade associations, specialty societies, advocacy organizations, and various other stakeholders. What do they have in common? They know that healthcare policy starts at the top, with federal and state governments, and trickles down into state, federal and private insurance markets. Policy decisions affect those making therapeutic medications and medical devices for the one stakeholder that matters most: the patient.

We go deep on healthcare policy, reimbursement and patient support services consulting because we understand how regulatory changes can affect your long-term business planning and patient access.

Helping Our Clients:

Analyze Healthcare policies and develop targeted strategies communications for government stakeholders to understand the ramifications their decisions will have on the health care industry and those it serves

Understand, internally plan for, and successfully navigate changes in policy

How we do it

we understand the ramifications of regulations

When policy stands in the way of our clients, we move forward on all fronts. 

Strategy: Generate real-world evidence to keep patient access to treatment at the forefront of federal and state regulator agendas 

Healthcare Policy Tactics

Health policy and regulatory monitoring

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Company-tailored policy newsletters and training

Support and attendance at key government agency and legislative meetings

Policy and economic modeling and budget scoring

The ultimate goal:

In healthcare, all roads should lead to reimbursement. We make sure they do.

Obtain favorable payer coverage and provider reimbursement

Reimbursement and coding landscape assessments

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Provider education tools for billing and coding

Coding applications
(e.g. HCPCS, NTAP, ICD-10)

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Reimbursement tools to support billing, coding, and distribution

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Reimbursement training for field teams and customers

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Drug compendia submissions

Patients First

designing best-in-class
patient assistance 

Patient assistance is too important to simply throw to a vendor and trust that all the right decisions are being made. We help clients understand the logic of competitor program design, establish the parameters and operational flow of a successful program, and develop financial models to assess future program enrollment and its effect on gross-to-net.

Strategy: Help our clients see the extent to which a patient support program and access are intertwined, and to make sure they are offering patients best-in-class services.

Patient Assistance Tactics

  • Understand and benchmark competitor programs
  • Vendor assessment and RFP management
  • Program services priorities, financial parameters, design and deployment

See how strategy and tactics merge in
establishing price and product value.