In an ever-evolving healthcare market, our RWE & HEOR team expertly develops evidence-based narratives to highlight unmet net, identify burden of disease, and enhance product adoption and coverage, addressing complex market challenges.

How we do it

HEOR Planning Begins At Prediscovery

Our clients know that market challenges are growing, and the evidence manufacturers must put in front of providers and payers to support utilization and coverage needs to be more sophisticated than ever before. Leveraging RWE, our team finds bold and innovative ways to tell your story.

Strategy: Identify fit-for-purpose data, generate real-world evidence, and execute a scientific dissemination strategy that supports your product’s value proposition that is customizable for key stakeholders.

RWE & HEOR Tactics:

Evidence generation plan and strategy development

Design, analysis, interpretation, reporting of observational studies utilizing all forms of real-world data (RWD)

Execution of observational studies utilizing in-house linked claims, EHR, and SDOH data

Custom curation of datasets from EHR structured and unstructured content using AI-assisted NLP including external control arms

Budget impact and cost-effectiveness model development and country adaptations

Scientific writing including study protocols, study reports, conference submissions, presentations, and publication support

Continuously collect endpoint data on a precise patient cohort for prospective regulatory monitoring and registries

Data landscape assessments to identify and evaluate global RWD to meet our client’s needs

Targeted RWD Generation and Analysis for Diverse Stakeholder Engagement

We empower our clients with the most relevant data, guiding them through the creation and execution of studies designed to transform industry paradigms and drive meaningful change in the marketplace.

HEOR & RWD Tactics

Real-world data studies, observational studies, clinical studies, post-marketing studies

patient-reported outcomes, clinical outcomes assessments, economic models

systematic Literature reviews, Meta-analyses, indirect treatment comparisons

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Patients First

Do you need data, or have you already purchased it?

We know data, and we also know that is a huge investment for our clients. For those who have not purchased data, or are shopping around for data sources, our Magnolia Data Atlas may be a great solution for your needs. We also have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Data) policy for customers who have already purchased a data asset but would like to select a competent partner to help build out a scientific strategy.

Our in-house data sets are HIPAA compliant and can be crosslinked to external data sources.

Strategy: Use our database to provide real world data-driven value to our clients by casting a nationwide net over the US population.

Database Creation and Analysis Tactics:

We have extensive experience analyzing a large variety of databases, including…

In-House Licensed

  • Medical claims – open and closed
  • Prescription drug claims -

    open and closed
  • Electronic health records
  • Social determinants of health (SDOH)

External Other

  • Healthcare Cost and Utilization
    Project (HCUP) databases
  • Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) databases
  • National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) surveys
  • Medicaid State Drug Utilization
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Medicare In-House Licensed

  • 5% sample and 100% standardized fee-for-service Parts A and B claims
  • Medicare current beneficiary survey
  • Part D formulary files

External Licensed

  • 100% Medicare Parts A/B/D claims through the Virtual Research Data Center (VRDC)
  • Medical and Prescription claims (open and closed)
  • Electronic health records
  • Hospital chargemaster
  • Formulary (all payers)

Contracting is a black box. HEOR is the key.

Whether using your data, our own in-house repository, or finding you the right data source, we build budget impact, cost-effectiveness and other models to understand the clinical benefit your product brings to support its pricing and contracting strategy in the marketplace.

RWE & HEOR Tactics

Define metrics for value-based payer contracts

Develop surrogate endpoints for clinical trials

Build outcomes-based contracting and budget impact models

Market analytics solutions as unique as your product.