Pricing & Value

Deploying advanced pricing and contracting strategies, we empower healthcare stakeholders with robust payer solutions and value propositions tailored for a complex market landscape

How we do it

Payers: A Small Word Has a Lot of Meaning

For our clients, the concept of the payer is ever-evolving. For example, hospitals have become increasingly focused on managing their own formularies and utilization of products, while oncology practices continue to be swallowed up by large health systems expanding their 340B footprint. These different players all view coverage and payment from their own lens. Your value story has to be cohesive and appealing to all.

Strategy: Develop an evidence-based story to differentiate your product value for a broad spectrum of payers, including health systems and insurance providers.

Payer Value & Pricing Tactics

Use all available data to build a value story that reflects both strong core positioning and flexibility for targeting to differing customer segments

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Develop and refine value messages through our proprietary matrix process

Gain stakeholder feedback through payer and KOL interviews and meetings to identify potential obstacles and weak spots

Conduct internal client workshops to gain organizational alignment across all departments

Pricing and Contracting Strategies 

Strategy: Build a knowledge base to justify the best possible contracting outcomes.

Strategic Contracting & Pricing Tactics

Understand the market landscape from competitor product effectiveness through pricing and contracting strategies

Build and test pricing and contracting models

Complete gross-to-net calculations based on contracting

Use learnings from research to refine the value proposition and develop budget models

Create payer marketing and educational tools to support product coverage and uptake

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Patients First

When is the right time to start thinking about demonstrating value to payers? 

It’s never too early in the product life cycle to think about how pharmaceuticals and medical devices can bring value to patients, providers, and payers. Fortunately, we support your value and access objectives from pipeline through loss of exclusivity.

Our team can support multiple avenues to demonstrate value to payers, including:

Value Proposition & Presentations

AMCP Doisser Pre and Post- Approval

Payer Tools

Payer interviews and advisory boards

Payer Engagement Pre and Post-Approval

Pricing and Contracting Strategy

RWE and HEOR? We’ve got your evidence.