Beni Turner

Director, Real World Clinical Insights

Beni Turner is Director of Real-World Clinical Insights at Magnolia Market Access. She has over a decade of consulting experience in the generation and use of RWE to inform outcomes research for pharmaceutical and healthcare stakeholders.

Beni has extensive experience in the design, development, execution, analysis, and interpretation of retrospective and prospective clinical research studies utilizing a variety of different medical and pharmaceutical data sources to implement a diverse set of methodologies. She sees herself as a steward of patient data, safeguarding patient privacy while leveraging this information to give voice to the patient experience and improve patient outcomes. She excels in the generation of relevant, fit-for-purpose, real-world data through chart abstraction and data curation to guide the development of pharmaceutical strategies throughout the product life cycle.

Prior to joining Magnolia, Beni acquired expertise in various consultancies and data providers generating financial and economic modeling based on RWE healthcare data, outcomes research, and RWE generation in the US and select global markets utilizing both interventional and observational study designs.

Beni earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from Carroll University.